Banner Ads


EZClassifiedNetwork generates revenues by selling banner and text advertisements. All contents on the left, right, and top and bottom of a page are paid advertisement. The center of the page is exclusively reserved for free ads. There are a variety of options available for paid advertisements. The minimum ads rate starts at $30 for a month regardless of the  impressions (we are building our site, so there may be 1000 impressions or 1,000,000,000 impressions.) You might think of getting in early, We are hoping we are able to raise our rates later.

Our Ad rate is among the lowest in the industry.
Purchase as low as 30 days for $30 or as high as one year for $300
We support most IBN size banners (970x100 on the top, 250x250 on the left and/or 120x600 on the right side of the page are popular sizes), texts, and video formats.
If you don't have a banner of size 970x100, 250x250 or 120x600, you can make one using Canva Banner Tool
Real time impressions and click through statistics.
After you purchase an ad slot, ads will start appearing within 24 hours.

How to Purchase Banner Ads

You can purchase banner ads by sending an email request. If you want to purchase in bulk and negotiate a pre approved rate, you must also start the negotiation process by sending an email